Steven Universe #1: A Great Comic (For Someone Younger than Me)

Gentle readers, you may or may not know that I love me some Steven Universe. You may or may not also know that a new Steven Universe ongoing comic series debuted earlier this week.

I’m usually not that interested in comics series that are directly tied to ongoing series—for example, although I liked the various six-issue Adventure Time series that delved into the backgrounds of characters who might never get a lot of showtime, I never really felt the urge to pick up the actual Adventure Time comic. However, I broke with my personal tradition this week to try out the new Steven Universe series, because, well, I love me some Steven Universe.

Spoilers for #1 below the jump!

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This Show Is a Gift: A Stevenbomb 4.0 Review

I may be episodes and episodes behind on… every other show I watch, but I try to keep up with Steven Universe for a few reasons. Firstly, the episodes are really short—it’s not hard to keep up with something that comes in eleven-minute bites. Secondly, it’s one of the most genuinely awesome and unproblematic shows I watch, so I don’t have to go through the mental gymnastics of feminist guilt that come with other shows. Finally, and most importantly, the people I follow on Tumblr fuckin’ love it, and if I don’t keep up I’ll get spoilers as soon as I look at my dash.

the-answerThat said, this review is a bit late. Con season has started up for me, so I’ve been hot-gluing and spraypainting and sewing like a boss and… not writing so much. So that means it was three weeks ago that the Crewniverse brought its delightful cartoon off hiatus, just in time for its titular character’s birthday, and blessed us with a Stevenbomb—their term for a bunch of new episodes dropping in a week. This mini-marathon of five episodes was just plain awesome in terms of character development, plot advancement, and queer representation, and even this long after it aired, I still can’t stop grinning thinking about it.

Spoilers for the entire Stevenbomb after the jump!

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