Let’s get DiC’s ‘Sailor Moon’ music released!

My Sailor Moon kick continues!

While the DiC dub of Sailor Moon remains a sore spot and source of endless debate among fans of the anime, one thing most of us fans agree on is that DiC created some excellent music for the series. DiC went through the effort of creating tons of new music for the show when they dubbed it, and didn’t limit themselves only to replacing the songs. The company went so far as to re-do the instrumental themes giving their version of the series a completely new and unique atmosphere. Some fans may go so far as to say it was better than the original music, but that’s opening up a whole other argument that we don’t need to have right now.

What I feel is worth focusing on here is that, free of favorable or disparaging comparisons, the DiC score was, by its own merits, a very good score. As such, many fans have long wanted it to be released for purchase in its entirety and with the current worldwide revival of Sailor Moon in all her incarnations, but especially the anime, now is the time to make our voices heard. In order to do so, a petition has been started asking La La Land Records to release the full soundtrack.

The group’s Facebook page can be found here and includes some of the great music we can hope to purchase if the soundtrack is ever released. Since the tracks weren’t released, these previews were pieced together from various episodes and are incomplete. Hearing these themes carefully re-constructed by fans gives a hint of what can come and it’s wonderful to hear the music. The actual petition (which will be presented once it reaches 500 signatures) can be found here. A similar online petition is responsible for the recent release of a soundtrack for Batman: The Animated Series so there is a precedent for this request.

Please sign the petition and pass on the word! Hopefully we can get this made and enjoy DiC’s lovely soundtrack in its entirety.