Manga Mondays: D.N.Angel

Minitokyo.D.N.Angel.114887D.N.Angel follows a not-so-normal boy, Niwa Daisuke, and his epic crush on Harada Risa. Daisuke’s family has raised him inside a booby-trapped house that tries to kill him whenever he comes home from school and wakes up for breakfast in the morning, leading Daisuke to be a very active and physically capable fourteen-year-old boy. A true sign of love from his family, I’m sure. But the men in the Niwa family have a strange genetic mutation, one that turns them in a phantom thief called Dark Mousy. And to top it off, this transformation happens because of hormones. So whenever Risa is around—or if he thinks about her too much—Daisuke will transform into Dark. However, in order for Dark to change back into Daisuke, the same must happen, and Dark has his own little crush on Risa’s twin sister, Riku.

Oddly enough, though Dark is aptly named, as he’s a phantom thief, his main antagonist is an angel of light, Krad. Krad is more or less and exact opposite of Dark. Whereas Dark is a lawbreaker with a heart of gold, Krad is the genetic mutation of police commander Hikari Satoshi and he repeatedly attempts to murder both Dark and Daisuke.

D.N.Angel is a cute little story that deals a lot with crushes, love interests, and the difference between light and dark.

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