Black Widow Is Kicking Some Ass

After months—years, actually—of wanting a freaking Black Widow movie, we’ve still got noting but hot air from Marvel Studios execs. In the meantime, though, all is not entirely lost. The comics-producing side of Marvel is on its fifth issue of a new Black Widow title, and so far it’s fantastic.

black widow coverThe new series follows the highly successful Hawkeye’s example of showing us what Natasha does when she’s not being an Avenger. It turns out that what that is is taking solo work as atonement for past crimes, and using the payout to support her network of safe houses and the trust funds she has set up for families of those she’s wronged. (Being an Avenger doesn’t pay so well, it turns out.) The first three issues are very episodic, more concerned with setting the tone than establishing a central conflict, but the writing is compelling from the get-go.

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