Fanfiction Fridays: What’s my name? by greenglowsgold

Voltron: Legendary Defender‘s Season 3 has come and gone already – pretty easy when the runtime of the whole season is less than three hours. With only seven episodes to satiate my needs for its particular brand of mediocre-to-promising character development and giant robot lions punching things, the obvious next step was turning to fanfic. And although the Voltron AO3 section can be like a kinked-out version of the Wild West on the best of days, I was lucky enough to find this character-centric gem after just a bit of searching.

As my favorite Voltron fics often are, this fic is told from a trans!Pidge’s POV, and centers on her relationship with Shiro following the events of this season.

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Major spoilers for Voltron: Legendary Defender S3 below!

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Fanfiction Fridays: The Shape of You by Barkour

(via bliptech)

(via bliptech)

I’m still working my way through the second season of Voltron: Legendary Defender. (No spoilers, please!) I felt similarly to Luce about the first season, and while I really want to like the characters, most of them still feel stuck in stereotypical ruts. That said, I do find Pidge an incredibly intriguing character. As a tremendously smart and techy girl who was undercover as a boy (or, at least, people assumed she was a boy and she didn’t correct them) so she could find her missing family, she already has a much more complex backstory than most of the dude Paladins. On top of this, one of my favorite theories/headcanons coming out of Season 1 was that Pidge was trans. While my own personal headcanon leans more toward a genderqueer/nonbinary Pidge, this fanfic paints an excellent and thoughtful picture of Pidge as a trans girl.

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Voltron: Legendary Defender: It Sure Is a Thing that I Watched

Netflix has been the source of many a binge-watching show, particularly for this blogDaredevil, Jessica Jones, and Sense8 are all programs that we’ve had fun analyzing and celebrating. So when I heard that Studio Mir had a new show on Netflix called Voltron: Legendary Defender, I had to check it out. As usual, I had fun binge-watching it, but… I didn’t really have any strong feelings about it one way or the other. It certainly has potential, but it hasn’t quite blossomed yet.

It's basically a giant cat mecha anime, in space.

It’s basically a giant cat mecha anime, in space.

Slight spoilers for Voltron after the jump.

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