Throwback Thursdays: Pikmin

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to Lady Geek Girl & Friends. I hope all of our American readers enjoyed their long holiday. I know I did. I spent my break replaying an old fave: the first Pikmin game, and the only one I’ve ever played, which came out for the GameCube way back in 2001. Playing as the character Captain Olimar, who just recently crashed on an alien planet, the purpose of the game is to find all the missing parts of his spaceship before his life support runs out in thirty days. Along his journey, Olimar discovers Pikmin, tiny woodland creatures that he can use to accomplish his tasks, and with all this in mind, my younger self devoured this game the first chance I got. It had some decent animation, space stuff, and adorable little monsters for my main character to enslave. I loved Pikmin so much that it wasn’t until going back and replaying it this week that I realized it was the only game I ever bought for the GameCube. That’s right, I stole my brother’s super nice gaming system for the purpose of playing one game. I’m not sure we ever owned any other games for it. Sixteen years later, that hasn’t changed, and looking back, I regret nothing. To this day, Pikmin remains one of my favorite games, and it made buying a GameCube worth the price alone.

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