The Day Is Saved: A Powerpuff Girls Reboot Review

If you frequent the internet and social media, you may know that about a week or so ago everyone was creating avatars to “Powerpuff themselves”. What you might not know is that this little activity was to promote the upcoming reboot for the Powerpuff Girls. Does the show hold up? Is it funny? Does it fall into the same lazy traps as other shows like Teen Titans Go!? Find out after the jump.

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Continuity Needs Consistency

It’s my birthday next week and it’s got me thinking about time lapses in our favorite media. As I’ve referenced before, I believe that worldbuilding is very important to story maintenance. Continuity supports this, especially when managing time. Proper care of the chronology of a series can have a heavy effect on the viewer’s perception and that consistency is important when dealing with it.

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Using Subtlety to Teach

In regards to activism or any situation regarding the spread of information and ideals, it often feels like we’re preaching to the choir. It feels like everyone listening to our message already agrees with it. The question then becomes: how can we get this message to people who don’t care or aren’t aware? One solution may be subtlety!

This is a concept I’ve been intrigued by for a while. I think this is what edutainment (the mix of education and entertainment) shows and games are aiming for—trying to have children learn through play. It’s not a perfect execution, though, as children are often savvy enough to know when someone is trying to teach them something. Well, usually. This is where subtlety comes in. Easing learning into an otherwise fun situation is a tricky move, but will reduce resistance from the participant and make it easier for them to come to the idea themselves. I want to cite a few examples to prove this point.

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Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville: A Better Re-vamp

ppg-defenders-townsvilleSometimes we write about serious things, and sometimes we write about the things we love. On many days, those are the same thing. Today is not one of those days. Today is a “write about what you love that maybe isn’t serious” day: I get to talk about the Powerpuff Girls and video games.

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On the Powerpuff Girls Special and Rebooting Childhood Favorites

PPG_TitleRemakes and reboots are an interesting beast. On the one hand, they can breathe new life into a series or bring new fans to it. But on the other hand, it can ruin old fans’ views of the intellectual property. This conflict came up with Teen Titans Go! as it carries a much different tone than the previous cartoon iteration and Hollywood seems addicted to reviving old properties. In the middle of last month, the Powerpuff Girls franchise got a bit of a recharge with the “Dance Pantsed” special. So, did it hold up?

Mild spoilers after the jump!

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Pepperpots and Trouser Shocks: Cross-Dressing in Geek Culture

Cross-dressing is wrong? Riddikulus!

You’ve seen the movies, you’ve read the books; cross-dressing is a common theme in fiction. It’s in mythology, history, folklore, literature, operas, plays, movies, television, and even music. Most importantly though, it has caught the attention of the alternative and dare I say? nerdy aspects in the pop-culture experience that we call life.

There are a few different kinds of plot points based on cross dressing. A very popular one, especially by those such as Shakespeare is one I like to call: Girls in Caps and Trousers. Women dressing as men have been both a cultural and historical phenomena. Some are trying to find their lost loves, some to fight in a war, and some just want the same privileges and opportunities their brothers get. Since there are many of examples of this particular trope (Japanese anime has hundreds of them) I will stick to only a couple.

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