Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Religious Practice in the Potterverse

Almost a year and a half ago, we explored the curious fact that the Harry Potter series doesn’t seem to include anyone who practices a religion. There are plenty of Christian elements in the story, from celebrations of Christmas and Easter to inscriptions on gravestones to christological figures. Rowling seemed to make the conscious decision to not include characters who practice a religion. Considering the other Christian elements, I have to wonder if this was by request of her editors, who had her make other changes (like censoring Ron’s swearing) to make her story more palatable for parents of young children. Regardless, with the advent of Pottermore, we’ve discovered that religious practice is indeed compatible with the Harry Potter universe. 

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Downton Abbey


There are a lot of characters.

I had been hearing about Downton Abbey, a British period drama television series created by Julian Fellowes, for a while now, and last week I finally broke down and watched the first episode. Several hours later I was lamenting the fact that Netflix only has the first season available while the third season is currently running. Regardless! For those who have not seen it, I am your Downton Abbey sensei and shall show you the way. Continue reading