Vote Princess Ashe: True Protagonist of Final Fantasy XII

ashe-ff12-final-fantasy-xiiFinal Fantasy XII, in my opinion, could easily be one of the better Final Fantasy games out there. As part of the Ivalice Alliance—games that take place in the world of Ivalice—the world it gives us is rich with history, religion, and culture. Sadly, the game is nowhere near as popular as others in the Final Fantasy franchise, and it unfortunately doesn’t have the best execution either. Its biggest problem comes from its choice of protagonist: Vaan.

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Antagonists vs. Villains vs. Anti-Villains

les-miserables-movies-russellRecently, I’ve been on a bit of a Les Misérables binge, and as I unfortunately don’t have time to go back and reread the book, I’ve taken to reading its wiki page and fanfiction instead. In my search through the internet, I came across a term that I had never heard before in reference to the character Javert: anti-villain.

From Wikipedia:

Unlike other villains in classic literature such as Iago of Othello, Javert is portrayed as a somewhat sympathetic antagonist with noble goals and viewpoints, arguably an anti-villain.

Until this point in time I had only thought about and been aware of the differences between an antagonist and a villain. I had never even considered a term like anti-villain, even though I’ve often thought about the differences between protagonists, heroes, and anti-heroes. All things considered, it makes sense that if anti-heroes can exist, there should also be room for anti-villains as well.

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