Is Madotsuki in Limbo? A Review of Yume Nikki

I’ve never been an avid gamer, but there’s one game that’s always had a special place in my heart: Yume Nikki. Though it’s meant to be psychological horror, it has an almost calming effect on me. The game itself isn’t very scary—rather, it’s just very bizarre—but there are events in Yume Nikki that have made me cringe. There are many theories about these events, as there is no narration given. I’ve read a great deal of them, yet there never seems to be one that I completely agree with. Is it possible that some of these theories are true, but for different reasons? I took the time to play through the game again and came up with my own conclusion: what if the world of Yume Nikki is Limbo?

Spoilers, a trigger warning for sexual assault, and a seizure warning for those with epilepsy after the jump. Continue reading