Catching Fire Review

This weekend, Catching Fire, the second in the trilogy of movies based on The Hunger Games books, finally made it to theaters. I had been really excited to see this movie, and I liked it enough that I certainly wouldn’t mind going back to watch it a second time. That said, I didn’t love the movie nearly as much as I thought I would.

I was first introduced into this series with the last movie. I liked the first movie a lot more than this one, probably because I watched it before reading its book, whereas here I did the exact opposite. I think that doing this only worsened my opinion of the Catching Fire movie.

Spoilers ahead.

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The Second Quarter Quell

This is probably something that should have been a Web Crush, but you know what, I just found it despite its popularity—over four million views on YouTube—and felt the need to share with all you Hunger Games fans. You know, on the off chance that you haven’t seen this yet.

Warnings for bloodshed and dying children.

If the video’s not working, you can find it here.