Trailer Tuesdays: Agent Carter Season 2

Season 2 of Agent Carter is finally almost here! After being pushed back two weeks due to the president’s last State of the Union address (#ThanksObama), Agent Carter is set to premiere next week on January 19th with a two-part episode. I can’t wait! So let’s dive right in.

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Web Crush Wednesdays: MisSpelled

web crush wednesdaysToday I bring you a fun, mysterious, exciting, and spooky web series that is definitely worth your time. MisSpelled is about five young women who all discover one day that they have magical powers and are witches. Though the girls don’t always get along, and certainly don’t always see eye to eye, they begin working together to use their witchy powers. Especially when one of the girls, Gladys, accidentally kills her boyfriend, Ian, when she loses control of her powers. Together the girls—Nina, Emma, Quinn, and Stella—try to help Gladys bring Ian back to life, but with some disastrous consequences.

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Looking For Some Horror This Halloween Season? Try Hemlock Grove!

Do you like werewolves and also body horror? Are you into sulky Skarsgårds? Do you enjoy shows with well-developed characters of color and disabled characters? Have you always been somewhat convinced that Southwest Pennsylvania is just an inherently creepy place? If so, then I have a show for you! Check out Hemlock Grove, a Netflix original series. Follow me as I introduce and discuss the first season of this macabre masterpiece; I’ll try to keep major plot spoilers to a minimum, but some are inevitable. Minor spoilers and a trigger warning for an ethnic slur after the jump.

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