Manga Mondays: Read or Dream

rod_read_or_dream_v1_p_0000I recently sat down and read the Read or Die spinoff series Read or Dream. As you might have guessed, given my very uncomplimentary review of the original R.O.D. manga, I didn’t exactly have high hopes for this series. However, much to my surprise, Read or Dream was everything I had hoped Read or Die would be.

Read or Dream follows three sisters who run a book-related detective agency in Hong Kong. All three are Papers, meaning they have the ability to telekinetically manipulate paper, and they use their powers to help them solve their cases. The two older sisters, Michelle and Maggie, adore books and are more likely to buy new novels than pay bills. Youngest sister Anita hates books because she resents her sisters’ love of them, and she is constantly trying to whip Maggie and Michelle into being more responsible caretakers.

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