How About No: Why a Firefly Reboot Is Probably a Terrible Idea

There was a bit of a splash last week when it was revealed that Fox might, finally, be interested in revisiting the Firefly property. The word used was “reboot”, not revival or renewal, but the company’s apparent make-or-break factor was that they would only revisit it if Joss Whedon was interested in coming back to run the whole deal. Presumably, eternally optimistic Browncoats everywhere raised a cheer of joy, their hope renewed. But should Firefly come back to the airwaves?

Frankly, I think that’s a terrible idea.

Well, to be clearer, it’s a terrible idea unless they address the various and sundry deeply problematic problems that the original series had. The issue I’m coming up against is this: I suspect that eliminating all of these problems would make a show that barely resembles the beloved-by-many original. The show suffered from a variety of racisms with a strong sexist undercurrent, and these were not so much vague issues as they were built into the worldbuilding of the show, deep down in the foundations. Let’s get digging, shall we?


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Sleepy Hollow: “What Lies Beneath” Review

sleepy hollow season 2 bannerLast night Sleepy Hollow introduced yet another Founding Father, who was not Ichabod’s bro but who nevertheless venerated Ichabod for being just as good as a Founding Father. Also, there was some cannibalism and some new characters. So maybe it wasn’t a bad episode, per se, but for an episode this far in the season, it wasn’t good enough. Spoilers after the jump!

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