Manga Mondays: Seasons of Love

Hey followers and browsers! Coming up in the next couple of days is AnimeUSA: a really big anime convention in Arlington, Virginia. Coming up on Thursday, in fact. This is going to be not only my first massive convention, but also my first one out of state. As you can probably guess, I’m super excited! And, if you know me, you can probably also guess that I’m scrambling around trying to get my cosplay together before I leave which usually consists of me running around my house, flailing my arms crying “I don’t know how to do this” until it magically comes together somehow. You would think I would eventually learn…

Because of my amazing time management skills, I don’t have as much time as I would like to devote to this week’s Manga Mondays. As such, we will be looking at a smaller piece that stays true to my shoujo roots. Full of love and zip-a-tone, we will be looking at “The One I Love” [私の好きな人] by manga’s royalty themselves, CLAMP.

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