Congratulations, you’re a Tribute!

As we all wait (and wait and wait and wait) for Catching Fire to open in theaters, we Hunger Games fans need something to occupy our time. In lieu of reading the book again, which I feel will just lead to more disappointment when the movie ends up changing details, how about we get up, get out, and volunteer as tribute in a fun, non-lethal version of The Hunger Games? Get your friends together and try out this playable version created by some campers at the summer camp I work for.


The Hunger Games- Cornucopia

  • Large Playing Space- We used a Dek Hockey court as our arena, but any large space will work such as an open field, a beach, or even some sparse woods
  • Obstacles/Barriers- If you’re using a flat playing field you’re gonna want some cover, so set up whatever kind of barriers you can manage which will be large enough to hide behind. We used stiff yoga mats set up on their sides but you can use just about anything. Perhaps some folding chairs with a sheet draped between them or a sheet of plywood propped up with sticks. Get creative! If you’re playing in the woods the trees would make excellent cover.
  • Ammunition- For our purposes dodge-balls worked perfectly, but depending on what you have at your disposal/how seriously you want to play this, you can use almost any kind of ball. NERF guns would be a pretty excellent addition, if available. Please be safe though and don’t use real weapons. I don’t want to turn on the news and see someone took a spear to the chest (or an arrow to the knee) while playing a live version of The Hunger Games!
  • Players- The more the merrier! If you have an even number I suggest making teams  of two and assigning districts, but if you have an odd number feel free to adjust accordingly.
  • Paper, Pencil, and Container- For the Reaping. Write down each player’s name on a slip of paper, fold it in half, and place it into a container of your choosing in order to randomly select teams.

Game Play

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