Sexualized Saturdays: The Doctor and His Many Companions

I think I need to take a break from Doctor Who, at least in terms of article writing. As it stands right now, there is only one thing I have not done yet, and that’s to look which of the Doctor’s companions are in love with him and which aren’t.

Ten RoseThe interesting thing about the companions is that they spread along the scope of sexual preference. Yes, most of the Doctor’s main companions are females that usually have deep seated crushes on the Doctor. But that’s not the entire makeup of the alumni.

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The Angels Take Manhattan, Inspire Many Feels

I have many excuses for why this is late. For one thing, I was watching The Avengers and getting smashed on Saturday night. For another thing, I have a lot of feels to parse through. Hit the jump to find out what those feels are.

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Pond Life: Part One

So there are only Davison days left till the big premiere of Series Seven, and the wait is, I’m sure, killing all of you in the same way it’s been killing me. But to tide you over for those last five turns of the Earth, we have been granted Pond Life by the BBC. Pond Life gives us a glimpse into what it’s like to be Amy and Rory—when the Doctor isn’t around. These five one-minute episodes will be premiering every day this week. Be sure to keep an eye out here for the other four, and enjoy your first taste of Pond Life!