Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal

rurounikenshinova114rn0fn5Lady Bacula has already talked about Rurouni Kenshin before here and we have a couple other posts on the subject as well. We really love us some Rurouni Kenshin on this blog. However, we seem to have neglected its prequel, Samurai X. I personally have never gotten very far in the original manga, and so Samurai X pretty much consists of all my Rurouni Kenshin knowledge. Watching the prequel before moving onto the actual series is what put me off to the original story. I had trouble reading Rurouni Kenshin and following along with all its quirky humor, because I was so used to Samurai X, which is completely joyless. The prequel is entertaining and really well made, but it is not a fun film. It is exceedingly serious, but that’s probably a good thing considering its subject matter.

Spoilers after the jump, in case there’s actually someone out there not familiar with the story.

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