Manga Mondays: Valentine Lovers

I have a confession: for all my expertise in everything romance—in a graphic novel sense, of course—and the world of shoujo, I don’t know of any manga that revolve around Valentine’s Day. It seems like such a basic topic to write about cover(seriously, what could be more shoujo?!), but even Google-ing “valentines manga” revealed only three manga, and even then I’m stretching it. I guess I should feel lucky that I still had a pool to choose from and at least with three, I was able to pick the most promising easily and get on with my day. That is how I came to read San Yue Tu’s Valentine Lovers. That is how I came to long for the DeviantArt stories whose characterizations seemed more believable than the bullshit this author wants me to believe is passable.

The site I read it from thought it deserved a four star rating. Never have I been so heinously misled in my life. Continue reading