All-New Hawkeye #1: Memory, Trauma, and Who Are These New People Writing My Hawkeyes?

hawkeyenumber1coverOkay, if you’re a comics fan, or a sci-fi/fantasy fan in general, you’re probably pretty comfortable with time being less of a straight line, and more a mixed-up ball of timey-wimey… stuff. That said, it probably threw you a little bit to see All-New Hawkeye launch negative six weeks after the conclusion of its predecessor, Matt Fraction’s beloved Hawkeye. Oh well; Book One’s use of flashbacks helps you take the odd ordering in stride.

In any case, the adventures of Clint & Kate are now in the hands of Jeff Lemire and Ramon Perez, under the editorial guidance of superstar Sana Amanat. Amanat—now Marvel’s Director of Content & Character Development—headed up Fraction’s Hawkeye, and her portfolio includes Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Captain Marvel, Daredevil, and of course, Marvel’s emerging flagship, Ms. Marvel herself, Kamala Khan.

shortangrymanpunchespeoplewolverinekamalaWell, then, I suppose it’s worth giving this one a chance.  

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On Identity & Origin Stories: Ms. Marvel #1

Ink: One week ago, Ms. Marvel (2014) #1 was released, after months of fanfare from comic news websites, blogs, major news outlets like HuffPo, NYT, and AJE, and, like, a whole bunch of people on Tumblr. Two days ago, Marvel announced that the issue had sold out its first print run, proving as popular as everyone said that it would be. Saika and I had the pleasure of reading it last week, and we want to share our feelings with you.

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