Throwback Thursdays: The Matrix Broke the ’90s


Dang, this movie came out seventeen years ago.

The return of The X-Files has had me reflecting more and more about the state of pop culture in the ’90s, and I’m coming to the conclusion that it’s impossible to understand the ’90s without watching The Matrix. Not only plot and character, but the very look and feel of the The Matrix heralded the arrival of the 21st century with a sharp critique of the past decade.

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The New Doctor I Didn’t Know I Wanted Until Just Now

I love Doctor Who. Love love love. But the role of the Doctor has been a white British boy’s club since its inception, and it’s really time that changed.  Personally I don’t think there should be a non-British doctor – the show is so iconically British that I think that would be a terrible move. But there are lots and lots of nonwhite British dudes and lots and lots of British ladies that would love to step into the role. (And before we get tetchy about the Time Lady thing, it’s in canon that Time Lords can switch genders over regenerations – see Eleven talking about the Corsair in “the Doctor’s Wife”.) I’ve always thought that the first step should be to get a person of color piloting the TARDIS, but I read something the other day that absolutely knocked my socks off and made me want a Time Lady ritenowplzkthxbai.

Helen Mirren mentioned recently in an interview that she thinks it’s time for some more female representation in the TARDIS – specifically of the Gallifreyan variety.

“I would like to play the new female Doctor Who. I don’t want to just be his sidekick.”

(As an aside, I love her mentality. So many people who watch this show want the Doctor to come take them away. She wants to be the one initiating the adventures. It pleases me.)

Will this actually happen? Who knows? I know it’s usually relative unknowns who get their start from the show, rather than Academy-award-winning big name stars taking over, but I would love to see this. Matt Smith can’t be the Doctor forever. (And bless his soul, but I’m hoping he won’t be the doctor for season 8.  How great would a regeneration into a lady Doctor be for the start of the 50th anniversary season?)

And oh, what a regeneration scene that would make.

Any thoughts on the idea of a Gallifreyan Helen Mirren, dear readers?

Trailer Tuesdays: In Time

Welcome to another Trailer Tuesdays! Let’s talk about In Time.

I confess, I’m excited about this movie for one very simple reason: Cillian Murphy. I know, I know, I sound like a fangirl, but trust me when I say that this man isn’t in bad movies. I challenge you to think of one bad movie he’s in! You can’t! Because they don’t exist!

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Fanfiction Fridays: Semper Victoria by Katkiller-V

avatarIt’s been my experience that people seem very open to the idea of being introduced to someone new in a published work, but not in fanfiction. I would theorize that this is because people read fanfiction mostly to further explore already existing characters, and new characters are almost always written off as being dreaded Sues. This is such a lie. Yes, a good proportion of original characters in fanfiction are bad. I think we can all agree on that. However, I can list a good number of fanfiction that feature numerous original characters that are far more than just decent, but compelling, thought-provoking, and realistic.

Semper Victoria by Katkiller-V is one such fic. It’s summary reads:

Humanity is on the brink of self-destruction, and unobtanium may be only hope for our species. A story where Pandora is not an Eden, and the shades of white and black have been washed into a sea of gray.

First published late last year, it took the author just under two months to post all forty-nine chapters and start on the sequel, Semper Furor. I can only assume she either had most of the first story written, or at the very least outlined, before she began posting. Notably, she’s been taking much longer to finish the sequel, but she manages to maintain the same quality of writing throughout, that being remarkably decent for something found on Hey, Katkiller-V obviously knows a good deal more about grammar than other fanfiction authors, so I’m not going to complain whenever I see a typo.

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