Supergirl Season 1 Finale


Supergirl’s first season wrapped up this week, and I find myself sad at the prospect of waiting until October to see a continuation of the story. Over the past twenty episodes, Kara Danvers has become everything that I ever could have wanted in a superhero. While she has super powers like her cousin, her character’s strengths come from her ability to inspire hope in people, and that’s really what makes her a superhero. Supergirl is a show filled with feminist themes, awesome and intriguing characters, and some really good messages.

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If It Can Go Wrong, It Certainly Will in Gotham’s First Season

Gotham PosterWell, Gotham is… it… it exists. When Gotham first premiered, I was excited beyond words. Like, wow, a Batman prequel that’s going to chronicle how both Batman and all his rogues came about! It has to be good! But whatever I was expecting, that isn’t what I got. Gotham’s first season was too long, tiring, and boring, and by the time the last episode came out it was a chore to watch. I certainly didn’t expect its first season to be perfect—all shows have problems when starting out—but I definitely didn’t expect it to be this bad. Spoilers and trigger warnings for sexual violence and graphic descriptions of violence below.

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“We Are Grounders!” The 100 Season 1 Finale

The 100 character roundupI think The 100 has proven that it’s a show worth watching. I wrote a post on it a while back, and sadly, some of the issues that I had hoped the show would address, it never did. However, in other regards, The 100 more than surprised me, and I think that overall, this first season was a great start.

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