Doctor Who: “Death in Heaven” Review

doctor who death in heaven artWell, Whovians, Season 8 has been a wild ride. While the first half of the season may have been a bit bumpy, the second half seemed to have a slightly more cohesive story, chugging forward toward the two-part season finale.  And oh what a finale it was: action, drama, and feels galore. One of the most common criticisms of Moffat’s work as Doctor Who showrunner is that he won’t give his characters lasting, meaningful consequences to their actions. This time we get some serious consequences. I can’t say much more without a spoiler warning, so here we go!

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The Road So Far: “The Great Escapist” Review



The season is winding down (winding up, really—with suspense building for the finale in just two short weeks and with no more hiatuses in between!). “The Great Escapist” had Castiel, Crowley, Naomi, and more, but was it any good? Hit the jump to find out.

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Supernatural Season 8 Trailer is Here!

Yeah, it’s totally not trailer Tuesday. Deal with it.

First, yes, we need to talk about Kevin. I obviously only know what happens in this trailer, but can I say that I am very happy that Kevin seems to be a major player in this season, and that he is, on a show rife with racefail, apparently a hot badass instead of the frightened, emasculated, academically over-achieving Asian stereotype he was last season? For all I know this will come to naught in the first damn episode, but a girl can hope.

Also, I definitely noticed Sheriff Jodi Mills in there somewhere, and may I say I am happy to see her too! She has always been a standout character to me, as she is a kickass woman who can take care of herself and is somehow still alive on Supernatural. (*cries* Why must this be considered an accomplishment?!)

As for my personal first priority, Castiel… Let’s just say I think I’m going to need a lot of fix-it fic this season. Sigh.

I’m unsure about the year-jump. They keep doing that! It’s tired. I know it opens the door for more Dean-ignorant-of-pop-culture (a la “What’s a Snooki?”) jokes, but seeeeriously. I have put a lot of hopes in Jeremy Carver’s hands as far as characters and plots go, and I am praying that he doesn’t give us another S6 or S7.

On the other hand, I am not unsure about Sam’s hair. I am, in fact, very sure that Sam needs to cut his damn hair!

What do you think about this trailer, friends?