Incoherent Screeching Forever: A Legend of Korra Book 4 Review

Book-4-Balance-Legend-of-KorraFirst of all, I apologize for not doing weekly reviews of the Korra episodes like I did last season. I wasn’t expecting Book 4 to drop as soon as it did, and, well, my brickspace job is in retail. The holiday season has been reliably brutal. Rest assured that I missed writing them as much as you all (hopefully) missed reading them.

That said, let’s get down to it. Book 4 has been a wild ride for all involved and while I am sad that it’s over, I could not be happier about how it ended. Yes, I’m going to talk about them doing the thing. Just give me a second.

Oh, and so many spoilers below the cut. Be forewarned.

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Sayonara, Smash

This past Sunday the Broadway-themed show¬†Smash¬†aired its series finale. After a lackluster first season, tenuous renewal, and falling ratings despite fan campaigns to save the show, NBC has signed the “Do Not Resuscitate” order for this floundering series. The writers seemed conscious of the fact that they would likely not get a third season, though, so we did get a decent finale for the show.

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