Saika Reads Sex Criminals and You Should Too

sc12-630x339Ah, Thanksgiving: a time where we reflect on the many things we’re grateful for. This year, I’m giving thanks for Sex Criminals. No, wait—don’t go. Sex Criminals is a relatively new comic out from Image Comics, written by Matt Fraction and illustrated by Chip Zdarsky. It follows Suzie, a young woman trying to get the money to save her library. Oh, and also when she orgasms, time stops. When she hooks up with a guy who has the same power, they decide to turn to crime as an—ah—alternative method to raise the money Suzie needs.

tumblr_mqx7zu5tqY1qj97xmo4_1280I originally didn’t plan to pick up this comic, fallaciously thinking to myself that I didn’t need to buy everything Matt Fraction writes. But pretty much every source I trust for comic reviews was singing its praises, and so I bowed to the court of public opinion and picked up #1 while I was at New York Comic Con. And boy, am I glad I did. This comic is a sexy laugh riot and it’s only getting better as new issues come out.

Fair warning: some of the panels I’ve included may be a little not safe for work, or, well, your family/Thanksgiving company.

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