Sexualized Saturdays: The Failings of Reddit

Sadly, Santa decided that Christmas was the best time to gift me a horrible chest cold. As such, I have been stuck in my bed most of this Christmas break, surfing the web for things to entertain me.

reddit-alienNow, while I already knew about the popular social aggregation site Reddit, I never spent much time there other than the home page. So, I did some digging through the subreddits, and I was discouraged by the general lack of any conversations over LGBTQ+ issues as it pertains to geekdom.

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Sexualized Saturdays: Using sex as a “fix” in fanfiction

I don’t frequent fanfiction websites much. I create original universes in my stories, and I’m bothered when people create scenarios with characters I write that make no sense. However, it’s amazing when fanfiction writers are able to break down scenarios that existed in the current universe but weren’t tackled by the original authors.

An example of this is one fanfiction I read today that floored me. The story discussed George Weasley’s pain coming from losing Fred in such a way. It went into the depth of his pain, and included Angela Johnson helping George deal, complete with a romantic relationship. I loved the story. It tackled emotion that readers knew was already there, but went into bigger detail before going back to the original JK Rowling-created universe.

However, more often than not, fanfiction writers decide to “fix” characters, often creating original characters that use sex and romantic relationships to “fix” what if plaguing the character. And I can’t stand this.

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Sexualized Saturdays: My 2013 Wishlist

This time next week, we will be staring down the road known as 2013. For some, this road will be filled with new twists and turns. For others, it will be the best year they’ve ever lived.

Personally, I’m excited to see where the geek genre goes from here. I’m hoping for a couple big changes in the genre. But the three biggest things that I hope to see all have something related; they all involve sexual identity concepts.

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