Objections? I Have None: A She-Hulk Review

If it seems like I’ve been on a comics kick recently, that’d be because I totally am. I can’t bring myself to really be sorry about it, because the fact that I’m able to keep writing posts about them means there is no shortage of awesome feminist comics on the market.

Basically: a day may come when my list of awesome lady-led comics is exhausted, but today is not that day.

On today’s docket we have the recently relaunched She-Hulk title, which follows the titular Jennifer Walters as she argues with attorneys and punches robots in equal measure.

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So You Want To Read Comic Books: Go to Wikipedia!

I grew up reading comic books. I’m from a comic book family, but as I grew older I found there were certain comics and characters I knew nothing about. Or I would be unable to afford my own comic books and would miss important universe-changing story arcs because of it. I used to think that going to Wikipedia to look up anything about characters or story lines was wrong or cheating somehow, but it’s not, and don’t let anyone tell you different!


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