The World Builds the Story

During recent discussions with friends, the question has often come up: “What’s so great about Adventure Time?” After all, its target demographic is children. Why is it such a hit with older audiences? Well, besides humorous situations, fun art, strong characters, and other countless reasons, I think the most important and engaging part of the show is its success in worldbuilding. To be honest, I think this is the hallmark of many great series.

Adventure Time spoilers below.

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Sexualized Saturdays: LGBTQ Characters in Children’s Television

My best friend has an eight-year-old nephew, named for the purposes of this article as Jimmy, that I have helped raise since his birth. The nephew was kind of the baby everyone in the neighborhood helped raise. So it came as a shock to me when, while watching Spongebob Squarepants, the nephew said that Spongebob was “so gay.”

I didn’t raise him like that.

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