Theatre Thursdays: The LotR musical lives again!

Lord_of_the_Rings_musical_logoToday I have exciting news! The musical adaptation of The Lord of the Rings will soon play again! If you haven’t heard of this musical, I understand. It premiered for previews in Toronto in 2007, was edited and moved to London where it ran for a shaky year, and hasn’t really been talked about since then.

I was very interested in seeing this show, but since it never came to America I was unable to do so. As such, I was ecstatic when broke the news that the show will be launching a world tour in 2015!

There aren’t many details just yet, but according to the article, the show will be re-worked to accommodate various theaters. This is somewhat disappointing because the incredible stagecraft of the original was one of the main draws for me.

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Theatre Thursdays: Haters Gonna Hate

Alas-Haters1You see what I did there? I opened with haters gonna hate to trick you into thinking that this was something worth reading. Muahaha.

So, I opened a play this weekend. In particular, I opened a play at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival which is a 2.5-week long festival of art and theatre. The whole thing was cool, and our venue happened to be just up the street from an Octoberfest street party, so I had the opportunity to get boozy between stagings. Always a good thing.

The next day, I read a review of our production on Phindie (Philly + “indie,” get it?), which I agree with pretty much wholeheartedly. His review was pretty sparse (our show wasn’t that big a deal) but among other things, the author wrote of our play: Continue reading