Throwback Thursdays: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home aka “The One with the Whales”

I’m still grieving Leonard Nimoy and watching all things Trek, so it seemed only logical to review my favorite Star Trek film—one that Nimoy directed—for today’s Throwback Thursday.

The Voyage Home castLet’s make no mistake, guys; this is the best Star Trek movie ever made. Now before everyone starts yelling “What about Wrath of Khan?!” let me say this: I know Wrath of Khan is genuinely regarded as the best Star Trek movie, and I grant that it is absolutely excellent. But of all the Trek movies, the 1986 movie The Voyage Home, more affectionately called “the one with the whales”, best captures the spirit of the Star Trek original series (TOS). The humor and action portrayed in this movie gives a chance for all of our favorite characters to really shine, and introduces one of my favorite female characters.

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