Fanfiction Fridays: Her Master’s Words by Defira

Star Wars is not a series that’s particularly lauded for its strong female characters. Certainly there are quite a few, but not nearly enough for a literal galaxy full of characters. This dearth is especially apparent when looking at both the Sith and the Jedi. With more recent shows and games like The Clone Wars and Knights of the Old Republic, even newcomers to the franchise have been able to see so many more ladies than have ever been hinted at in the movies. (The expanded universe within the novels of course gives us more, but with at least fifty installments I can’t say that they’re accessible in the same way as a movie, television show, or video game.) And Star Wars also has a prolific fandom we can always rely on when the other media falls short.

swtor female sith warriorSeeing as my “expertise” is with The Old Republic, I started there. What I found was a very interesting series by Defira called In Her Shadows. The series itself has ten parts so far, but the part I’m looking at today is part five: Her Master’s Words.

Spoilers for Act One of the Sith Warrior storyline of SWTOR under the cut.

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Rin Plays: Star Wars: The Old Republic

There are certain points in one’s life where you get grandiose ideas about where your life is going, what you’ll be doing, and what you need to do to get there. Points where the world becomes your oyster, and all you need to do is pluck the pearl of opportunity. Points where all of this is laid in front of you… but then you devote yourself to a time-devouring game and you lose an entire week in the blink of an eye. Guess which point this post is about.

SWTOR BannerAnyone who talks with me on a semi-daily basis knows that I’ve given my current life away to an otherworldly force called SWTOR—that’s Star Wars: The Old Republic for those who haven’t been typing “swtor” into their search bar what seems like every half hour. I’m actually kind of surprised that I got into the game as much as I did. I wouldn’t call myself a fan of Star Wars, and even after reading through some of the lore, I still can’t remember shit besides my hazy recollection of The Empire Strikes Back (which was the best film out of all of them). But then again, this game has more than just the ‘verse going for it and is one of the best “free to play” MMOs available right now. I’ll explain the quotation marks later on.

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