Magical Mondays: Stargate Universe, Switching Bodies, and Consent

Stargate Universe CastI will always love the Stargate franchise, but holy hell, it has had some really problematic shit. All is not lost, though. While the first couple seasons of the original show had some pretty awful material, it improved a lot over the remaining seasons. By the time Stargate Universe—its second spin off show—came out, I expected the writers to have learned from all the mistakes of its predecessors. It really didn’t. Stargate Universe’s first season is the franchise at its worst—and that can best be seen in how the show utilizes alien technology.

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Sexualized Saturdays: Camile Wray

SGU-Life-MGM-01Despite all the awfulness of Stargate Universe’s storylines, it did have some fantastic characters. A lot of people complained that the show was trying to be Star Trek, which I can see, but what I liked most about it was that it wasn’t trying to be SG1 or SG Atlantis. It is still part of the franchise and in the same universe, but it is a completely different show. The biggest change of pace was with the characters. They were not the same archetypes that the franchise had grown used to over the years.

Stargate Universe also has a diverse cast. The character I’m focusing on today, Camile Wray, is a civilian working on the Stargate program through the IOA—International Oversight Advisory, an organization setup to oversee Stargate operations—and she is of Chinese decent. On top of being a leading character who happens to be both female and Asian, Wray is also the first openly gay character in the Stargate universe.

Spoilers after the jump.

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Fanfiction Fridays: Force over Distance by cleanwhiteroom

Pic17_WrayRushYoungForce over Distance by cleanwhiteroom has to be one of the longest fics I have ever read. At over four hundred thousand words, I wouldn’t undertake it unless you have a lot of time on your hands—but if you’re a fan of Stargate Universe, this one is definitely for you.

For those of us who liked Stargate Universe, its premature cancellation left us all wondering what happened next. Due to some very bad decisions in its production, it did not get renewed for a third season, nor did it get a movie, even though the second season left off at a very large cliffhanger. Force over Distance is an answer to that.

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