Static Shock Blackout

A few weeks ago I did a Trailer Tuesdays about this movie. It’s finally made its online premiere and it’s pretty awesome so everyone should check it out! (and it’s available in HD—so don’t forget to click the little gear button and make sure you’re watching in 1080p!)

I Guess Whitewashing is Okay Again

There have been many issues around race and comic book movies over the years. Marvel I feel has been the most notable with casting black actors in typically white roles. Alicia in Fantastic Four was black instead of the usual blonde-haired, blue-eyed character she is in the comics. Nick Fury, now played by Samuel L. Jackson is black, and perhaps the most controversial, Idris Elba played the Norse god Heimdall in Thor.

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Trailer Tuesdays: Static Shock Blackout

So my university is full of nerds. Many of them are incredibly, incredibly talented.

One of them, aspiring filmmaker and actor Stefan Dezil, made this:

I am super excited for this. I used to watch Static Shock on TV when I was younger, and this looks like an awesome reboot. (For the uninitiated, Static Shock is, shockingly [puns!] about a teenager who receives electricity-based superpowers and uses them to fight crime.  It was different from most superhero cartoons in that the main character, Virgil, was African-American, and his white best friend was his sidekick. My DC Comics-knowing sources tell me that Static’s story was recenly dropped from the new 52, so for those of you who are currently Static-less and sad about it, you should look forward to this particularly!)

It seems to be a short film, but it looks like it will be packing a whole lot of sweetness into its short runtime – especially for something shot on a college student’s fundraised budget and made as a fan film rather than for profit. Yes, dear readers, according to their facebook page, they will be distributing this film for free online! So give it some love and check this out when it hits the series of tubes in a month!