Web Crush Wednesdays: Bunnimation

But we can call her The Bunnimator. I love My Little Pony, and it’s nice to see other people who love it just as much. Unfortunately, outside my one fanfiction and the occasional fanart, I personally don’t direct too much of my free time into creating things based on other people’s works. Well, one time I did make a Pickman out of plaster, but that’s beside the point. Regardless, I’m always impressed when people can spend so much time and effort on something they love so much. And while The Bunnimator does have other projects in the works, like this one, which prevents me from looking at broccoli the same way ever again, she does a lot of My Little Pony fanart and crossover art.

Most of the things I looked at for her are on her DeviantArt page; however, she does have her own website on livestream.

Now, I believe most of her work is computer-oriented, which is personally something I’m no good at, so I find that I have a lot of respect for people into graphic design. Especially if their works don’t suck. She does have a few pics that I have some trouble figuring out what medium she used. What I do know is that visually I like her art, and I think she’s a very talented person. Furthermore, she’s done some very nice interpretations of the MLP:FIM characters as human. And I know it’s been done before, but The Bunnimator’s use of colors and style makes her more than memorable.

I hope The Bunnimator keeps up the good work. I know I would hire her if I had the money. Especially for her steam pony works.