The Continuing Growth of EVO

Dear readers, I love video games and the hype around them more than I care to admit. While hype surrounding games in the form of previews and preorders has become a bit of a dark cloud of a conversation, hype surrounding eSports is thriving. This past weekend was the Evolution fighting game tournament, and it scratched an itch for hype that I’ve been having for a while. I watched a good portion of the finals this past Sunday, and I had some observations on what made the event so exciting and fun to watch.

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I’m Gonna Wreck It! (A Wreck-It Ralph Review)

Friday night I saw the highly-anticipated Disney film Wreck-It Ralph, and, above and beyond anything else I say here, I totally recommend this movie. It is adorable and geeky and heartwarming.

A brief plot teaser/synopsis: Wreck-It Ralph has been the bad guy in his video game for 30 years now, but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy. He’s just doing his job. When the other characters in his game refuse to see it that way, he sets out to prove them wrong by winning a hero’s medal in a different game. But his actions have far-reaching consequences, and he is forced to decide whether the medal is worth risking his life, his new-found friendship with young Vanellope von Schweetz, and every game and character in the arcade for.

Now let’s move on to specifics.

First of all, there is an animated short before the movie called Paperman, and it is beautiful. The animation is done in a way that it appears both like CGI and traditional animation, and the story and score are both quite lovely.

Now that that’s out of the way, what about the actual movie? Well, I thought the video game references were really well done, and that they work on a sliding scale—the more you know about gaming culture, the funnier they are (at one point a character uses the Konami code to surreptitiously access the base code of his game), but it’s still really funny if you’re pretty ignorant of gaming like me, and I think they’d still be funny to a total newb.

Plot spoilers after the jump.

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