Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Believe in a Smiling God

Welcome to Night Vale is a fandom that I absolutely adore! In recent episodes of WTNV, starting with “Yellow Helicopters” through the most recent “Renovations”, the nefarious company StrexCorp from Desert Bluffs has taken over the town of Night Vale. What really intrigues me about StrexCorp is the presence of a Smiling God, as the representatives at StrexCorp call it.

StrexCorp Synernists Incorporated.
Look around you: Strex.
Look inside you: Strex.
Go to sleep: Strex.
Believe in a Smiling God: StrexCorp.

Here is what I am wondering: is the smiling god real, and why is any sort of religious ideology being associated with an evil corporation like StrexCorp?



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