Using Subtlety to Teach

In regards to activism or any situation regarding the spread of information and ideals, it often feels like we’re preaching to the choir. It feels like everyone listening to our message already agrees with it. The question then becomes: how can we get this message to people who don’t care or aren’t aware? One solution may be subtlety!

This is a concept I’ve been intrigued by for a while. I think this is what edutainment (the mix of education and entertainment) shows and games are aiming for—trying to have children learn through play. It’s not a perfect execution, though, as children are often savvy enough to know when someone is trying to teach them something. Well, usually. This is where subtlety comes in. Easing learning into an otherwise fun situation is a tricky move, but will reduce resistance from the participant and make it easier for them to come to the idea themselves. I want to cite a few examples to prove this point.

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