Sexualized Saturdays: Alex Danvers and a Coming Out Arc Done Right

I’ll be honest, I’m kind of tired of gay coming out arcs on TV by now. The angst, the panic, and the not knowing how their family and friends will react to the gay character aren’t really appealing to me anymore (I’ve had enough of that in my own life). I want to see LGBTQ+ characters living their lives, working, dating, asserting their identities, and standing up to bigotry. However, coming out remains an experience most of us, LGBTQ+ folks, share. And even though representation on mainstream media is disappointing more often than not, it seems that once in a while it’s still possible to be pleasantly surprised and moved to tears by a character figuring out their sexuality on a superhero show, of all places. I am talking, as you can tell by the title, about Alex Danvers—one of the main characters on Supergirl—and her character arc in the first half of the second season.

Spoilers for the Supergirl TV show below.

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Fanfiction Fridays: Buried Alive by youmeandthehurricane

Supergirl Alex DanversI love Alex Danvers from Supergirl—and why wouldn’t I? Not only does she have a healthy and supportive relationship with her sister Kara, Alex is also a badass alien-crime fighter who helps save the day on multiple occasions due to her quick thinking and ingenuity. Then of course, I also love hero-villain team-ups, which the show gives us numerous times through the antagonistic character Maxwell Lord. He’s someone who genuinely wants to do the right thing, but he’s always worried that Supergirl could easily become corrupt. It’s only a double bonus that Maxwell and Alex have something of a romance in the earlier episodes.

The two characters eventually break up in the show once Alex realizes what an awful douchebag Maxwell really is—also, he tries to kill her sister, so of course their relationship was doomed to fail. Normally, while I like hero-villain fics a lot, I tend to stay away from the ones with romance, if only because they have a habit of being creepy, non-consensual, and lacking any kind of self-awareness. So it came as a pleasant surprise when I happened upon Buried Alive by youmeandthehurricane.

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Supergirl Season 1 Finale


Supergirl’s first season wrapped up this week, and I find myself sad at the prospect of waiting until October to see a continuation of the story. Over the past twenty episodes, Kara Danvers has become everything that I ever could have wanted in a superhero. While she has super powers like her cousin, her character’s strengths come from her ability to inspire hope in people, and that’s really what makes her a superhero. Supergirl is a show filled with feminist themes, awesome and intriguing characters, and some really good messages.

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Sexualized Saturdays: Supergirl and a Friendzone Done Right?

Supergirl Kara and Winn holding CoffeeWhen Supergirl was first airing, we were all a little hesitant about what was going to happen. The last time we had a live-action Supergirl on screen, it didn’t go very well, and we knew that if this Supergirl did poorly, its lack of success would be blamed on the main character’s gender and not the writing or storylines. The show, thankfully, ended up being really great, but in the early episodes, I was still really hesitant about the direction it would take the characters.

In particular, Kara Danver’s best friend, Winn Schott, has an unrequited crush on her—and dear God, I hate friendzone storylines.

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Supergirl, Female Relationships, and Feminist Arcs

SupergirlLate last year, Lady Geek Girl wrote down her thoughts on Supergirl’s pilot episode for you guys, and since then, we haven’t discussed the show at all. I’m here to fix that right now. Supergirl is everything I could have asked for in a female superhero story. The show is fun, has a really great plot, and some awesome characters. Furthermore, this is not another story with a female lead and an ensemble of male side characters—the show focuses a lot on family relationships between women and continuously allows those women to uplift and help each other through their struggles.

Spoilers ahead.

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Supergirl: A Feminist Superhero TV Show that Soared into My Heart

I was excited for the Supergirl TV show since I saw the trailer for it, but I will confess to still being anxious about the show simply because writers tend to be hit and miss when it comes to female superheroes. So it was with both excitement and anxiety that I turned on the TV to watch Supergirl. While there were a few issues, overall I was really happy about the first episode, and I’m interested to see where the series is going.

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Trailer Tuesdays: Supergirl

I admit that I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Supergirl. It’s probably because the first Supergirl comic I ever read featured Superman putting his poor cousin in an orphanage and Supergirl barely ever got to fight any real bad guys. But as DC rebooted the character, over time she was given much more to do and was stereotyped significantly less. She remembers more about Krypton than Superman does and is even more powerful than him. I mean, the girl can even kick Darkseid’s ass. She is a great character. It amazes me that it took this long to finally get a Supergirl TV show. And I have to say, the new trailer gives me a lot of confidence that the show is going to be awesome.

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Making your Mondays better with more SBFF!

Mondays suck. This is a universally affirmed fact of life.  But we at LGG&F are dedicated to making your Mondays less suckish, so today we bring you this!

The newest Super Best Friends Forever short, here to fulfill all your Batgirl needs. Enjoy!

Awesome Things That Are Happening: Super Best Friends Forever

Super Best Friends Forever is a show that is part of Cartoon Network’s upcoming DC Nation lineup.  It is being headed by none other than the wonderful and tremendous Lauren Faust, the mastermind behind the magnificent My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series. (If I remember correctly, this show is actually the reason she stepped down from her post as Queen of MLP.)

Little is known about the show yet outside of the title and the main characters (Supergirl, Wondergirl, and Batgirl, obviously) but I can say with certainty that this show is going to be a hit.  Faust has already proven that she is a boss when it comes to putting a fresh spin on well-known franchises and when it comes to portraying realistic friendships between girls.  I don’t know anything about DC canon outside of what I soak up from being friends with Lady Geek Girl, but I’m still going to check out this show, and I’m sure scads of other bronies will too. (Big round of applause to Faust for creating, however inadvertently, a fanbase that doesn’t care about gender demographics and will watch shows based on quality rather than societally-enforced gender boxes!)

But anyway, I’m looking forward to this and so should you! (And when the positive ratings start rolling in, maybe DC will take the hint that its consumers enjoy seeing positive portayals of comics women – I’m looking at you, new 52.)

Web Crush Wednesdays: Mike Maihack

It’s time for our Web Crush to take the stage! This week’s Web Crush is Mike Maihack!! Hmmm… how to describe him… I know! Let him do the talking!

Mike Maihack is a graduate from the Columbus College of Art and Design and spends his time drawing pictures of cats, superheroes, space girls or just about anything else he can think of that might involve a giant pink heart or serving tea. He is the editor and art director of the Christian comic anthology, Parable, creator of the all-ages webcomic, Cow & Buffalo, member of many art and webcomic collectives such as Lunchbox Funnies, Spacedock 7 and Bristolwhip and contributor to anthologies like Jim Henson’s The Storyteller and the Eisner and Harvey award winning Comic Book Tattoo. Currently though, Mike is hard at work bringing his sci-fi epic, Cleopatra in Spaaace!!, to life and watching lots of movies with his wife and two Siamese cats down in far too hot and humid Tampa, FL. (via Cow Shell Graphics)

Though Mike Maihack has many different comics my absolute favorites are his Batgirl and Supergirl comics! That reveal the fun, sassy and kick ass nature of our favorite heroines.


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