Throwback Thursdays: Sky High

Sky High is a Disney television movie that came out all the way back in 2005, and it’s one of the few live-action direct to DVD movies by Disney that I actually like. The story is about Will Stronghold and his exploits at Sky High, an airborne high school for the children of superheroes. Unlike his parents, who are both famous superheroes, Will doesn’t have any powers and can never be a hero until he develops them.

Sky High floating schoolAs a superhero family comedy movie, Sky High is amazing. It’s also one of those movies that very easily could have launched its own TV show—because let’s face it, a teen drama superhero television series would be all kinds of awesome—and it’s a shame that that never happened. Sky High is fun to watch, and despite its lighthearted tone and obvious self-awareness, it still manages to impart some important lessons to its audience.

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