Fanfiction Fridays: Did you need some Dirk Strider feels?

Art by Mirrorshards on tumblr

Art by Mirrorshards on tumblr

Yeah, I was going to try to not make this post about Homestuck. I really was. But we’re two weeks into the hiatus and fanfic is all that we’ve got right now, so I guess you’ll have to deal. (I promise next week will be different—this is just what happens when you let the only two homestuck writers on this blog have Fanfic Fridays posts right after the series goes on hold.)

One of the tricky things about writing serious fanfic about Homestuck is that the comic itself is always on the verge of a really ridiculous pun or sight gag. No matter how sadstuck your fic is, if you don’t somehow acknowledge this, I feel like you’re doing the source material a disservice. How do you write straight-up, feelsy-bordering-on-angst fic about a series where Juggalo aliens break the rules of space and time and where Betty Crocker is an endgame villain without losing the series’ goofy, tongue-in-cheek tone?

The answer is, apparently, by writing a story like Lacuna by TankDame.

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