Dial “Tekken” for Feels.

So, I’ve been getting back on the exercise kick lately. Jogging, pushups, lots of getting thrown to the ground for fun in what others might call judo. Things like that. But, you know, it’s important when you’re exercising that you don’t forego any exercise groups or types. Cardio is important. Friends don’t let friends skip leg day. It’s also important to exercise your heart muscles. With that in mind, I’ve got some capital F, Japanese-animated Feels for your Wednesday. There’s some Japanese kana in there, but you won’t need to know what they mean for the feels to wash over you.

Was that story of loss, love, grief, and emotional rebuilding not enough for you? Was the subtle poetry juxtaposed with casual animation insufficient to make tears well in your eyes? Well, that’s okay. Have another one! This is called Furiko (pendulum).

tekkenThese two little animated shorts are made by a man named Tekken (yes, after the game). He is a comedian who comes from a school of Japanese comedy where hilarious hijinks and costuming are considered the wisest possible PR strategy. Let’s not forget about Hard Gay. But, it’s become apparent that Tekken does have a soft side, and *sniffle* is not above ruining me for other emotional endeavors on a weekday.

via Brian Ashcraft over at Kotaku

Tekken Tag 2: Fun, Sexy, and Deeply Confusing

I have enjoyed the Tekken series since I was a youngster playing Tekken 2 with my friends. It has always been fun for me, and after missing out on the series for some time, I finally picked up the newest title, Tekken Tag Tournament 2. As an adult, I am noticing some things about the game which I either failed to notice before or missed in their development.

The first thing that I noticed is how funny this game is. It makes fun of itself and the fighting genre, which works well with its powerful and serious characters. Its good humor makes it difficult to understand what exactly it is really saying sometimes. Tekken is, like many arcade games, highly sexualized. However, it is very aware of this and pokes fun at the clash between violence and sex. For example, the opening cut scene begins with Jinpachi, who is glowing with a powerful aura, riding in a cab presumably on his way to the fighting tournament. He tells the cab driver that it should be obvious where he is going, as he needs to unleash his awesome power. In a follow-up cut scene available in the gallery, we see that the driver mistook Jinpachi’s cryptic remark to mean that he wanted to go to sin-corner to pick up a prostitute. In other games, the character Ganryu fell in love with Michelle after kidnapping her mother and Michelle subsequently kicked his ass. After Michelle was written out of the series and replaced by her daughter, Julia, Ganryu arbitrarily forgot about Michelle and fell in love with Julia.  Continue reading

Trailer Tuesdays: Tekken Tag Tournament Two’s Girl Power Trailer

It’s Trailer Tuesdays! Let’s talk about Tekken‘s version of Girl Power.

I love playing Tekken! Love it! I enjoy kicking the various butts of all of my friends that play with me. It’s one of the few video games that I have always enjoyed and have been good at.

Apparently though, Tekken Tag Tournament Two‘s new trailer Girl Power has a message for me, that message appears to be either that Tekken is not for women or that the only power women have comes from their sexuality. I think there is less than a minute of actual game footage is this trailer. The rest is simply models dressed up to look like the characters and posed in various provocative ways.

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