Video Game Review: Temple Run 2

templerun2If you are all wondering why I haven’t really written anything about A Song of Ice and Fire recently, it’s because I (finally) got a smartphone. And then Temple Run 2.

Temple Run 2 is a game for your smartphone where you are running from a giant monster thing. You also have to avoid all of the obnoxious obstacles and make sure you turn the right way. Along the way, you earn points, and can collect gems (to bring you back to life) and coins (that you can spend on power-ups). You also have side objectives (ex: collect 1,000 coins) that you can complete to go up a level. Leveling only allows you to unlock more power ups, so it’s not the most important thing.

The actual gameplay is really simple, so you don’t have to be super-into-gaming in order to give it a try. All you do is drag your finger the way you want to go. It also really doesn’t require much thinking, which is why it’s so easy to play. There aren’t any complicated subplots or puzzles to solve; you literally just go.

This is one of those games where I’m not really sure whether I like playing it or I’m addicted to playing it. I was actually starting to wean myself off of it, and then they introduced daily and weekly challenges, which only drew me back in. I personally love games with checklists. It makes my job easier as a player because I know what I’m supposed to do and it also gives me something to strive for.

The only downside of this game is it can get glitchy. Almost every time I’ve played it gets stop and go (like it’s buffering) at some point. And if you get a text/Facebook notification while you’re playing the problem only gets worse.

Temple Run 2 is free for iPhone, so if you’re looking for a new game to entertain you, you should check it out!