Fanfiction Fridays: The Serendipity Gospels

Howdy, readers! How would you like an adventure story for today? A story full of intrigue and political plots? A story that’s almost as confusing as the canon it comes from? Then grab a seat and get ready to hear about the most intense Homestuck fanfic I’ve ever read.

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The art comes with the story: score!

Authors urbanAnchorite and schellibie’s (of ‘Promstuck’ fame) epic happens in a universe where the trolls never meet the human kids, and SGRUB is never played. They grow up as normal—though they still know each other—and move on to their respective jobs as dictated by their hemocaste. The Serendipity Gospels takes a step back from the more rancorous of the group twelve and follows after legislatcerator-in-training, Terezi Pyrope, alongside her assigned charge, Gamzee Makara. Upon the Executor, the ship where both their castes will be taught their place in Alternian society, the separation of church and law appear to be finite, though intertwined deeper than one would immediately assume from a religious institution that is run by juggalos who are stereotypically always high. Although the subjuggalators, the ‘warriors’ of the church, have more power, their murderous rampages are kept under strict supervision by the ever-watching eyes of the legislacerators.  To no one’s surprise, Terezi excels at her position; in contrast with that is everyone’s lack of surprise at how awfully Gamzee fails at his. The problem they must address is that if Gamzee fails his final exams, so to speak, so does Terezi: both a corporate death and an actual death may be waiting for them should this happen.

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Fanfiction Fridays: Loophole by SaccharineSylph

Are you tired of Homestuck posts yet? If you are, too bad. I’ve had this fanfic prepped and ready for a while and considering what month it is, I don’t think there’s a better time for me to reveal it.

No matter what fandom you’re in, there’s bound to be roughly infinity AUs (alternate universes): high school AUs, England AUs, rock star AUs. The list is only limited by the fandom’s imagination. However, out of all the fandoms I’ve been in, Homestuck has had about the most, and the most diverse, set of AUs I’ve ever seen.

Despite that, this story doesn’t take place in a universe where everyone is a space pirate or where they’re down on their luck circus folk just trying to get by. It’s interesting in its seeming normalcy. It’s interesting because it forces the reader to reconsider how they view humanity and how social media interacts with society on a broader scope than Tumblr petitions and Harlem Shake videos. It’s interesting because it’s about the most realistic fantastical AU I’ve read (I know that’s a bit of an oxymoron, but stick with me here) and trust me when I say this: it hurts.

A lot.

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