Throwback Thursdays: Addams Family Values

Growing up, my favorite Thanksgiving movie was Addams Family Values, the 1993 sequel to the movie The Addams Family. You might think that’s because there are only a few Thanksgiving movies and the rare Thanksgiving episodes in various TV shows, but you would be wrong. Addams Family Values is my favorite Thanksgiving movie because the movie is very clear in its message that Thanksgiving is a bullshit imperialist holiday.

Wednesday Addams ThanksgivingNow, Addams Family Values is not strictly speaking a Thanksgiving movie, though it does incorporate and critique Thanksgiving more than any other holiday. Like the first Addams Family movie, the events of the movie take place over several months. I’m actually not even sure if the Thanksgiving play that is shown in the movie is performed on Thanksgiving—I’m pretty sure it’s not—but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s talk about the movie overall first.

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I Used to Be a Power Ranger

Did you know that? Yeah, my friend and I were known as the Deluxe Rangers back in the day. I was the Spirit Ranger who could transform into any living being and he was the Forever Ranger who could control time. You say you don’t remember us? Well here’s one of our adventures, appropriately themed for the holiday season:

(I’ve deleted my last name and changed that of my friend to protect our secret identities)

..yeah I overestimated the amount of panels I’d need for the conclusion

So yeah. As you can see, we were pretty important Rangers. Hand-picked by Zordon even after his demise because I apparently overlooked canon we were just that special and thanks to us you’re not enslaved by mashed potatoes right now, are you? You’re welcome.

Theatre Thursdays: The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Theatre, at its core, is about performance, regardless of whether it’s on a stage, in a cabaret, or on a street corner. And today (in approximately an hour) a hell of a street performance will be happening in New York City! There will be dancing, music, and singing! There will be awesome floats and giant balloons based on nostalgic cartoons of the past and bits of pop culture that annoy you today! There will be terrifying clowns! (But seriously, according to the official website there are more clown troupes attending than popular musicians! Why? Who still thinks clowns are more fun and okay than Carly Rae Jepsen is?!) And it all wraps up with a reminder that, now that it’s officially Thanksgiving, you can no longer complain about people getting ready for, talking about, singing about, or advertising for Christmas. By which I of course mean Santa actually shows up.

Get some spectacle in before you lapse into a tryptophan coma and check out the parade!