Doctor Who Series 7.2: Who Cares?

Hi, all. So you might have noticed that I left off my Doctor Who episode reviews after “The Bells of St. John”. Never fear, though: I’m here to make up for it with a review of all the remaining episodes in one post. Buckle up for mediocre plots, tired tropes, and characters with no character after the jump!

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Only McCoy Days Till Doctor Who Returns! Have a Prequel!

Who’s excited for Doctor Who to come back? Anyone? I was pleasantly surprised by the Christmas Special in that I had very little to bitch about, but the three months between then and now have given me plenty of time to sink back into my mistrust of Moffat’s ability to write a decent story arc.

Anyway, whether it will be terrible or not, Doctor Who will be back soon. Here’s a prequel for next week’s episode.