Web Crush Wednesdays: Alexandra Douglass and ‘The Cloud Factory’

There’s nothing I like better in this world than a good webcomic—well, maybe sleeping in, but webcomics come damned close. And though the internet is saturated with a new webcomic about every fifty seconds, there are some that set themselves apart from others. My Web Crush for today may not officially be out yet, but I have a feeling that it’s going to be one of those special, unique pieces of art.

webcrush picIn taking a look at the official site for Alexandra Douglass’s comic, The Cloud Factory, two things really stick out to me. One, and the most obvious of all, is that the art is beautiful. Each sweeping landscape looks as professional as the concept art for a video game and there’s something visually interesting about each and every character; there’s no doubt that this comic is going to be a treat for the eyes. Second is that Douglass has put a lot of time and effort into both the creation of her own fictional world and promoting her work in the real world. She’s quite obviously dedicated to making this something amazing, so I can’t help but want to support her.

The Cloud Factory has a charming premise drawn from something in the real world that is oft overlooked: smokestacks. In her own words

“The origin isn’t a unique one; there are a few factories on the river just south of Indianapolis, which I would have to drive past any time I went downtown or to work. Smokestacks always look like they’re making clouds, but on overcast days when the clouds hung particularly low, it really looked as though they were coming from the factories themselves.”

Though she says it isn’t unique, I am hard-pressed to think of someone else who has put the idea into practice.

As of now, not much of the plot has been revealed (which is to be expected, really), but the world-building Douglass has done in the meantime paints the image of somewhere with a lot of depth and the potential for intrigue: how could it be that all is what it seems in a land where the production of clouds wrecks havoc on one town? Due to the success of her Kickstarter, fans can also anticipate regular updates of a full colored page every day for at least a year, which is fantastic, given the quality of art. All signs point to the series starting on the first of July, and I, for one, am excited to see how this story unfolds!