Trailer Tuesdays: Identity Thief and The Heat

I have two trailers for you this week which both feature Melissa McCarthy. She is actually one of my new favorite actresses, so have a look!

They are two very different movies, and they both look good. Melissa McCarthy is playing two very different characters, and both are very different from her character in Bridesmaids (which is the only other place I’ve seen her). I’m also really excited for more female-targeted comedies. There have been so many movies for so long that have only focused on guys, and while some of them are genuinely funny for everyone I can only watch Will Ferrell run around in his underpants for so long. It’s nice to see comedies to which I, as a female, can relate; it’s been a long time coming.

I’m more excited for The Heat than Identity Thief. What about you guys?