Trailer Tuesdays: The Host

Oh, God, why?

Actually, all kidding aside, I found myself kind of enjoying The Host when I first read it. Or rather, the first fifty-some pages, because that’s all I made it through before getting sidetracked by a new Japanese grammar book. I would like to tell you that I found the writing of The Host so bad that the grammar book was more compelling, but that would be lying. Certainly it wasn’t as interesting as learning how to conjugate, at least not to me, but I personally thought that The Host was a step up from the Twilight series. Granted, after Twilight, it’s hard to step down, and I’m glad Stephenie didn’t.

By all means, I wouldn’t say that I found The Host a good book. Here, let me sum it up: Mary Sue and Parasite Sue fight over the same body… and man, I guess. Pretty much, the world has been invaded by scintillating centipedes that act like the Goa’ulds from Stargate and take over humanity. But unlike Goa’ulds, our sparkly insects only want what’s best for society and world peace blossoms! Yay!

Stephenie Meyer Melanie Stryder, our main Mary Sue, is one of the few humans left still fighting against the peaceful invaders. Unfortunately, she gets captured, and that introduces our other Mary Sue, who has a wide variety of creatures she can take over on her little alien résumé. Once she was a flower!

On page five we learn all about all the lives she peacefully stole from other people. This is also about when I started questioning whether or not Stephenie’s editors paid any attention to this book either. Our parasite was once a See Weed. Not a Seaweed, a See Weed.

I don’t know if that was a grammatical mistake that got corrected in later copies or if the creature is actually called a See Weed. From what I understand, we never really learn about all the other planets, so for all I know, in Whatever World, weeds are normally invisible, and See Weed got its name for being normal. That’s just my guess.

Yeah, as much as I wish otherwise, I probably won’t be skipping this one.

Oh, well, weren’t the closeups of all the eyes so thrilling?! It kind of reminds me of this trailer, where nothing also happened!