Fanfiction Fridays: Envoi by fandomsandcake

It’s been almost a year since I read The Maze Runner series. While I found the books a fun diversion for a tediously long layover, there were a few things about the story’s basic premise that bugged me enough that I never considered myself in the fandom. I did, however, consider myself in the Minho fandom. Minho was by far my favorite character in the books and I was also excited and pleased to find a series where an Asian character got to be one of the protagonists and have a badass leadership role. I found his and Thomas’s relationship especially compelling, so it was only a matter of time before I sought out fanfiction pairing them up.

the maze runner coversMy younger brother has just picked up the series, and talking to him about it has rekindled my interest—if not in the books, in my precious cinnamon roll Minho. I went deep-diving into my AO3 history to find my favorite among all the Thominho fanfic I read back in October and bring it to you.

Spoilers for the end of The Death Cure below the jump.

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Running through the Maze of Dystopian Movies: The Maze Runner

the-maze-runner-movie-widescreen-background-HDThe Maze Runner has probably been my best theater experience in the past two years. I didn’t have to suffer through shitty 3D glasses—they didn’t even have a 3D showing—and unlike when I saw Godzilla, my theater actually remembered to turn the damn sound up to a volume loud enough to hear. Unfortunately, since God apparently hates me, there had to be something wrong. There’s construction going on in the next lot over, and it’s loud. So while I was attempting to enjoy the movie, I was simultaneously listening to the grating sound of a drill chipping away at concrete the whole damn time.

Other than that, though, The Maze Runner was a really interesting watch.

Spoilers ahead.

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Trailer Tuesdays: The Maze Runner

Dystopian futures featuring teenagers seem to be the new craze when it comes to young adult fiction and movies. I am extremely happy about this turn of events; the vampire romances were getting old. The Hunger Games is currently making a crapton of money, Divergent is also making a buttload of money, and now it’s The Maze Runner’s turn to have a go at box office gold. But how will it stack up next to these other successful dystopian movies?

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