Throwback Thursdays: Sonic Adventure Series

Being the resident Sonic fan here at Lady Geek Girl & Friends, I feel like it’s my duty to do as much justice to the franchise as I can. Since my last look at Sonic’s escapades was the original trilogy, I’d like to remember the series that brought a lot of millennials into the mix: Sonic Adventure 1 & 2. These two games (and their subsequent remakes) set the foundation for where the gameplay and story of the franchise would go for the next 18 years. The Sonic Adventure games were the proper introduction of the Blue Blur and his friends to the 3D world. Although there were Sonic games that were 3D or had 3D elements before, these two were the first to feel like a proper continuation of the original trilogy.

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Trailer Tuesdays: Knights of Badassdom

This either looks hilarious or terrible, and I’m not sure which yet. I mean, either way I’d think I’d see it. It looks like a train wreck, and as we all know, it’s nigh impossible to avert your eyes from something so terrible.

This movie looks like it’s playing off of every fantasy nerd’s dream, because let’s face it, who doesn’t want the glory of beating down an evil demon and saving the world in a medieval outfit? But not actually in medieval times, because that would be a terrible place to live. I do like that this movie doesn’t do a whole time-travel thing where the characters actually do end up in the past, which will have a lot more magic than the present for some reason.

That said, while Kights of Badassdom looks funny, it also looks like it might be playing off nerd stereotypes, and that can get offensive very quickly if not done correctly. On top of that, this movie doesn’t look good for female representation. There are only two notable girls in the trailer that I can see. The one is the evil succubus, which right away sends a sign. I know succubi are a part of lore, but it still has a female villain whose schemes are defined by her sexuality. Though, at the very least, she doesn’t look like she’s screwing her victims to death so much as she’s ripping out their hearts to feed upon. As for the other girl, if she’s the only other one, then we have the Smurfette Principle. This principle is in which the majority of the characters are all male with only one female among the bunch, despite the fact that over half the population is female.

So while this movie looks like it might be enjoyable, I am a little concerned for it.